Have you ever fancied being in the movies, or on TV? Well now you can, by learning how to become an extra, one of those lucky people who get to mix with the stars, appear on screen and get paid for the privilege. You Can Be A Movie Extra is the ultimate insider’s guide revealing everything you need to know. www.youcanbeamovieextra.co.uk

Welcome to MovieExtras.ie MovieExtras.ie is Ireland's leading online agency and directory for the recruitment of extras for the film, television and advertising. Recent productions include 'Breakfast in Pluto', 'Get Rich or Die Trying', 'Fallout', 'Always', 'The Last Furlong', 'Mule 2', 'Primetime', 'Crimecall', 'Tigers Tail', idents for RTE ∓ TV3 and 'Tudors'. Not only are we involved in the major productions, but also the more lucrative advert productions including ads for RTE, eircom, NIB, Lucozade, Guinness, Heineken, Paddy Powers and AIB (some of our members are on the side of the buses for AIB and on brochures in the branches!). Recently we even provided extras for a South African soap opera which was filming in Dublin. www.movieextras.ie

You may not have what it takes to be a big star, but you've probably noticed that virtually every movie and TV show involves many regular folks as well - the "little people" who have no lines to say, but who portray members of the crowd, passersbys or the customers in restaurant scenes: these background people are movie "extras". Being an extra won't make you a star, but it will get you inside major movie and TV studios, onto real movie sets, often alongside bona fide stars - and if you're lucky, you will get your face on the silver screen - if only for a fleeting moment. (As Andy Warhol said , "In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.") Have you ever wondered just how these movie "extras" get their jobs? Well, you too can try your luck with Central Casting in Burbank, where all the movie studios go for "extras" (otherwise known as background actors with non-speaking roles). There are lots of scams out there, trying to take advantage of naive wannabes, but Central Casting is strictly on the up & up - it's the largest extras casting company in the United States. www.seeing-stars.com

Becoming a movie extra is by far the easiest way actors can break into show business. Movie extras learn all the tricks of the trade through real world, on-set experience. Plus, talent agents, casting directors and production companies are always looking for movie extras and background performers for their productions. Every year hundreds of films are shot on location across the country and around the world. These productions range from locations in the largest cities to the very smallest villages. When filmmakers decide to leave the studio, casting directors must find local citizens for small acting roles and to appear on screen as movie extras. Moviex makes it easy for talent agents, talent scouts, casting directors, producers and potential employers to locate willing participants for their production needs. www.moviex.com

Providing background actors for TV, feature films, commercials, industrials, and more, our casting directors are renowned experts in the field - often called upon to teach Director's Guild trainees and set the industry standard. Working from the largest and most diverse database of background actors, two specially designated casting directors are assigned to each show to assure individual, specialized attention. www.entertainmentpartners.com

Become a Movie Extra Break into showbiz by becoming a movie extra. It's not as hard as you think. In fact, when you learn just how easy it is to get jobs as a movie extra, you'll be upset with yourself for not doing anything sooner. Just having the opportunity to be a movie extra for a day is often the most exciting and rewarding experience avid movie-goers can obtain www.moviextras.com

Welcome to Hollywood North Extras Inc.! Established in 1994 Hollywood North Extras Inc. is a movie extras talent agency based in Vancouver, B.C. We provide the service of booking hundreds of background performers for U.S. and Canadian feature films, television movies, TV series, commercials and corporate videos. The Vancouver Film industry is booming and living in "Hollywood North" provides a unique opportunity to experience what being on a movie set is like. For people interested in becoming actors it is a chance to see first hand what being an actor really involves, and watch them at work. For many people it is the gateway for other work opportunities in film, and for most of our clients it is an opportunity to simply make some extra money in their spare time! www.hollywoodnorthextras.com

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